Typically, it is quite a challenge for privacy officers or privacy compliance managers to gain the company’s trust and data its commitment to privacy compliance. Privacy and data protection are often seen as business stoppers rather than business enablers. This makes it hard for any privacy professional to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the organization and reduce the effort required to maintain up-to-date information.

Information always resides within the organization and naturally in people’s minds. Therefore, the best approach to maintaining the data protection and privacy compliance documentation is to enable the process owners within the organization to manage and maintain their processing activities and the corresponding documentation. Allowing them to manage the record or processing activities for their specific work area opens communication lines.

Any change, for example, in the record of processing activities in the Priverion platform will trigger an update and a notification to the privacy officers. The Priverion platform acts as an information system for organizational changes and the processing of personal data.

By involving the privacy professionals early in changes within processes or with vendors, the privacy officer can step into the role of a service provider to the process owner and enabler for the organization.

Our customers have found excellent results by engaging the data protection officer in their vendor assessment process via the Priverion platform. Now vendors can be proactively prescreened and the unsuitable ones excluded before taking a step in decision-making that could result in costs or costly rework.

It also eliminates the time constraint on the privacy professional to conduct a quick and, therefore, careless review of the vendor the company has already chosen.

Due to his early engagement in the vendor assessment or the Implementation of new processing activities, there is enough time to evaluate all possible options and find the best solution from a privacy and business perspective.

Ultimately, privacy is always about trust and the confidence of customers and employees in the ethical work and actions of the organization. So this should always be an essential aspect in evaluating any business decision.

By Philipp Staiger

on 07 06 2022

1 min read

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