Privacy, Verity
& Innovation

Priverion is a founder-owned SwissTech company offering
Data Privacy & InfoSec products as well as services
in the following markets.

Priverion worldwide

Priverion worldwide


#DataPrivacy   #InfoSec  
#ITSecurity   #RiskReduction  

Priverion was founded by industry experts in Privacy, Data Privacy, InfoSec & Compliance. The company is fully owned and operated by the founders. Every member of the Priverion Team contributes to the success and participates in the growth of Priverion.


Dr. Dominic N. Staiger


Philipp A. Staiger


Oliver Stutz


We are committed to the environment and reducing our carbon footprint, striving to make a positive impact through sustainable practices and initiatives.


We believe in the power of shared success, which is why we embrace profit sharing with members of the Priverion Team, fostering a culture of collaboration, motivation, and mutual growth.


Diversity and equality are core values we uphold, fostering a flexible work environment that celebrates differences, promotes inclusivity, and ensures equal opportunities for all members of our Team.

& Footprint Reduction

Work environment

Profit Sharing

Diversity & Equality


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