The Priverion Privacy Operations Platform

How do you manage your privacy operations? If you, like most privacy managers are focused on the ad-hoc and high risk areas while barely having time to keep up with the documentation, we should talk.

Using our core modules, you get everything you need to get started. If you want that extra bit of efficiency and magic, you can add our performance modules, which will save you even more time.

Core Privacy operations modules

The Base System

Core Modules

The core modules support you in keeping up with all the neccessary elements of privacy compliance. You can create and maintain your record of processing activities, manage tasks, and keep track of your apps and systems.

  • register-of-processing-activities-icon

    Register of Processing Activities (ROPA)

  • data-processor-management-icon

    Data Processor Management

  • TOM-management-icon

    TOM Management

  • data-breach-management-icon

    Data Breach Management

  • privacy operations modules

    Risk Management (by Data Flow)

  • reporting-&-data-flow-visualization

    Reporting & Data Flow Visualization

  • data-subject-request-management

    Data Subject Request Management

  • reviews-&-audits-icon

    Reviews & Audits

  • multi-law-feature-icon

    Multi-law feature (by legal entity)

Priverion Performance Modules

The Advanced Features

Performance modules

Our performance modules bring the magic to our privacy operations platform. Using our libraries, you get all the standard data processors and ROPAs with a few clicks. No more searching for standard DPAs which are part of some terms of service. Additionally, any change to the library element will inform you and you can easily accept the changes or reject them and keep your own records.

  • data-processor-library-icon

    Data Processor Library

  • ROPA-library-icon

    ROPA Library

  • policy-library-icon

    Policy Library

  • TOM-library-icon

    TOM Library

  • retention-&-deletion-library-icon

    Retention & Deletion Library

  • policy-tree-icon

    Policy Tree

  • employee-training-icon

    Employee Training

  • merger-acquisition

    Merger, Acquisition & Carveout Functions

  • azure-active-directory

    Azure Active Directory B2C

  • privacy-portal-icon

    Privacy Portal

How we secure your Priverion Privacy Operations Platform

We are very conscious of the security of our production systems. To that end, we use state of the art measures to secure them. These can be technical, such as web application firewalls, as well as organizational, with policies for backups, access management and incident management.

Regular self audits

Regular tests of our systems are a must. Not only do we run updates for every production system on a regular basis to make sure all components are on their newest stable version, but we also allow our customers or external parties to do audits on request.

Bedtime reading

Read more about our approach to security

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