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The Priverion Privacy Operations Platform helps businesses efficiently run their privacy operations.

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Maximize your impact with DPO privacy officer

Are you a DPO Privacy Officer trying to maximize the impact you can have on the organization while answering day-to-day ad-hoc requests from management and various departments which want to add a new process, new data processor or report a suspected breach?

Our Priverion Privacy Operations Platform is here to help you channel the requests, prioritize them, and assign tasks to responsible persons within the organization. This way, you have all information necessary to efficiently evaluate and answer the requests.

Automate the PDCA tasks with DPO privacy officer

Keeping track of review cycles for each element of your privacy compliance can become tedious. The Priverion Privacy Operations Platform can keep track of all Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles for you. You can either define to have regular review intervals or use risk based review intervals in which high risk processes and vendors get reviewed more often and less risky elements get reviewed less often. This saves you time and reduces the overall risk.

Keep an eye on the risky data flows

Within each ROPA there are processes that may have a higher risk. For example, a drug withdrawal program for employees or some company-related health plan. The sensitive nature of the data makes it a high risk process which should be monitored more closely. Using the data flow view, DPO Privacy Officer can keep an eye on these risk data flows.

Send Questionnaires and funnel the right information

Do you need certain information from your vendor? With a one-click questionnaire creation, the DPO Privacy Officer form Priverion Privacy Operation Platform creates questionnaires with all necessary fields and sends them to the external party. After approving the input, the data is fed directly into your vendor information and there is no more need for separate input.

Support the organization with crisp and concise reports

Yearly reporting on privacy compliance is quite common, but what if you need information on something quickly? You might need to know in which timeframe you used a certain process or how the risk developed over time. Maybe you need to create a report on the time estimates of your work and deliverables for next year’s forecasting. With the reporting module, you can create all of these reports on the fly and export them to Excel or Word.



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The Priverion DPMS supports us in the day to day maintenance of our privacy operations.

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