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Risk management

Manage and monitor your privacy compliance risks in one solution.

Data processor / vendor risks

A data processor receives information from your company. As the controller of the data, you are responsible for making sure that the data is safe and processed according to your terms. To be able to confidentially show that this is the case, you need to set standards for the data processor (so called Technical and organizational measures) and to monitor a data processor for changes to the agreed-upon standard. Not knowing when to review what or who is responsible for the review can leave your company in an vulnerable position. The Priverion Privacy Operations Platform makes sure that this never happens.

Data processing risks

When you process data, the company has to keep the best interest of its data subjects in mind. Especially as it is required to evaluate the risks for the rights and freedoms of the data subjects when deciding on processing personal data. Risk management based on data flow enables your company to monitor these risks.

Non-compliance risks

There is always the risk of not having done something that was required. To reduce the risk of not documenting or wrongly documenting the required elements of privacy and data protection compliance, our platform will notify you should something be missing.

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