The value of Privacy Compliance

Companies are becoming more and more aware of the impact of privacy compliance on their bottom line. Aside from the Corporate Responsibility standpoint, there a tangible benefits from privacy compliance. We see the growing important in the enormous year by year increase of chief privacy officer positions and board seats of members with privacy background.

Market value

Increase Brand trust with transparency

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce shocks to stock price in case of a data breach

Sales value

Higher prices for privacy compliance

More sales opportunities due to meeting of requirements

Faster sales cycle as privacy compliance documentation is ready to go

Risk reduction

Reduced risk of fines

Reduced risk in processes due to risk identification and mitigation

Lower external lawyer fees

Reduces liability of management

Cost reduction

Due to the use of library elements, less time spent on updating documentation

Automatization of external questionnaires with one click

Standardization of data subject requests using online form and privacy center allows for standardizing of response.

Bedtime reading

Read more about the Priverion Privacy Operations Platform

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