Performance modules

The priverion performance modules give you the extra bit of functionality you need to do more in a shorter time. By using library elements or integrations such as retention periods (FilersKeepers) or the ServiceNow integration, you can shorten the onboarding time as well as the need for manual input and research.

Priverion Performance Modules

Get started faster

Less input and more automatization

Load information from our libraries and external partners (such as retention periods from Filerskeepers) or integrate your Service Now ticketing with the Priverion task management and performance modules


Data Processor Library

The Data Processor Library allows the company to quickly create and automatically update their data processor Information. Pulling the information from our centrally maintained library allows the Privacy Officer to focus on the detail questions without having to enter details such as address or contact information.


ROPA Library

The ROPA library enables the Privacy Officer to select and download standard ROPA processes which exist in any company. For example, HR employee files are a standard process which can be found in the any company.


Policy Library

Do you have a policy for everything? Or is your company just in the process of creating the new policies? Have a look into the policy library and download a draft of the policy that you need.


TOM Library

Quickly and efficiently create Technical and Organizational Measures using well established standards. Easily adapt the standard control sets and add your own company specific TOM.


Retention and Deletion Library

Ever wondered which retention or deletion periods apply in your country? Using the retention and deletion library, you can easily load the applicable periods. And by linking them to your systems, your IT Admins always know for which deletion periods to check.


Policy Tree

Every Privacy Officer would like to have an overview of the policies which apply to privacy and data protection. By using the Policy Tree feature, the Privacy Officer can visually create the policy structure and efficiently get to the current version of a policy.


Employee Training

Every employee must be trained in privacy and data protection at least once a year, and when they are onboarded into the company. Using our privacy training, you can send your employees a link with which they can take part in the training, answer a quiz and receive a certificate for the participation.


Merger, Acquisition & Carveout Functions

As a company group, there are always changes in the legal structure of your group. The Priverion Privacy Operations Platform allows you to easily add new legal entities as well as extract legal entities from the Privacy Operations Platform.


Azure Active Directory

The more employees use the Priverion Privacy Operations Platform, the easier and more efficient it is for the Privacy Officer. To enable the fast onboarding of all employees, the Priverion Privacy Operations Platform supports the integration with Azure Active Directory.


Privacy Portal

As a company, you want to signal to your customers and stakeholders that you are privacy compliant. The best way to do this is via a privacy portal. Transparently show the information you feel comfortable to disclose and increase the trust into your company and the brand.


FilersKeepers Integration

Get worldwide retention and deletion periods automatically loaded and ready to go into the Priverion Privacy Operations Platform. No matter which industry or business, we have the right deletion and retention periods ready to go.


ServiceNow Integration

Integrate the Service Now ticketing to our task management and sync exisiting Business Applications into the Priverion Privacy Operations Platform. This way you do not have to keep your records in two places.