Data protection software - the solution for your company

Data protection is part of everyday life for many companies and requires careful implementation. Compliance with legal regulations such as DSGVO, BDSG and other secondary laws that play a role in your area must be given the highest priority. This is because violations can result in high fines and considerable damage to your image. To ensure that you process all data in compliance with current regulations, it is advisable to use data protection software such as that from Priverion. It supports managing directors, department heads, data protection officers and employees who ensure data protection with documentation and provides automation and standardization for significant relief. The smart data protection software also reduces errors and ensures that you comply with all current requirements.

How do you currently manage your data protection measures? In most cases, data protection officers still focus on high-risk areas and are thus unable to ensure complete documentation or act proactively. Our data protection software consists of two modules that you can use as needed. While the core module (Data Protection Minimum) helps you to implement all data protection measures in your company in a standardized manner, the efficiency modules with more functionality ensure that implementations succeed significantly faster and recurring tasks run automatically.


With regard to data protection, there are numerous guidelines from laws such as DSGVO, LGPD, POPIA or BDSG to be observed. Ongoing changes complicate the application and often the necessary information to keep track is missing. However, if there is only time to fix the current hot spots, documentation often falls by the wayside. If requests from the supervisory authorities then come, this quickly becomes unpleasant. Intuitive data protection management software provides various standardized documents and templates, such as ROPA, TOM and AV contracts, which relieve the burden of everyday work with partially automated and efficient documentation. With data protection software, you not only gain more time, but also more transparency to achieve a high level of data protection compliance. With the freed-up capacities, you can act preventively instead of reactionarily and create long-term legal certainty.

Your benefits with data protection software:

  • Less effort and more time
  • flawless and digital documentation
  • 100% transparency
  • legal security
  • Always up to date
  • clarity
  • easy to use


With our data protection management software as SaaS solutions, you can choose between our core module and our efficiency modules.


With the core module, your data protection software from Priverion gives you the support you need to comply with all the necessary elements of data protection.

Register of Processing Activities (ROPA).

You keep track of all your processing activities by documenting all processes involving personal data and are provided with all necessary legal information. Deletion and retention periods can be linked by the data protection software.

Data processor management

Always know which provider you are transferring personal data to and set standards for data processing contracts.

TOM Management

Ensure compliance with all data protection regulations with technical and organizational measures. At the same time, with the standards of the data protection management software, you are able to evaluate your service providers.

Incident Management

Be prepared for data breaches and get an overview of notification deadlines.

Risk management

Our data protection software reduces the risk associated with processing a large amount of personal data by automatically identifying critical processes.

Reports and data flow visualization

With just one click, the software provides you with detailed data protection reports including data flows that can be traced back over years.

Information requests

Reliably respond to requests for information from data subjects.

Reviews and audits

Ensure regular controls with the data protection software. With the comprehensive monitoring, responsible persons are informed in good time about the execution of a review. The audit results are logged and stored in an audit trail.

Multi-law function

Our smart data protection management software makes it possible for you to choose from different laws, the ones that apply to you.


The efficiency modules of our data protection software simplify all processes related to data protection and grant access to our library.

Data Processor Library

Create all information about your data processors with little effort, by retrieving it from our centrally managed library. Keep the information up to date with automatic updates.

ROPA Library

Select our standard ROPA processes in the ROPA library of the data protection software and download them directly for use.

Policy library

Get an overview of all data protection policies used in your organization using a draft from the policy library.

TOM Library

With our data protection software, you can create technical and organizational measures with standard elements in just a few clicks, which you can adapt internally within your company.

Retention and deletion library

Ensure all applicable deletion periods and link your systems with the retention and deletion library.

Policy tree

Use the software’s policy tree to get an up-to-date, visual overview of the company’s data protection policy structure.

Employee training

Easily and conveniently ensure annual data protection training for your employees with our data protection software.

Merger, acquisition, and exclusion capabilities

Add or remove new legal entities from the data protection software as needed when your company structure changes.

Azure Active Directory

Guarantee fast onboarding of all employees through integration with Azure Active Directory.

Data protection portal

Show transparency and gain consumer trust with presence in your own privacy portal.

FilersKeepers integration.

Benefit from automatic provision of all globally applicable retention and deletion periods in the data protection management software.

ServiceNow integration

Avoid duplicates in your documentation with task management and synchronization of all business applications.

More questions about data protection software?

Do you want to make your company fit for data protection, invest less time in documentation and be legally compliant in the long term? Our data protection software supports you in a wide range of processes and takes your data protection level to a new level.

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