Data Protection Overview

Data protection platform – how data protection management works

Many companies, public institutions and authorities today have to deal with a large amount of personal data. As soon as these are commercially collected, used, processed and transmitted, they must ensure that the data is protected. When implementing the numerous provisions of the GDPR, the BDSG and ancillary laws, appropriate data protection measures come into play. However, legal certainty can only be achieved with well thought-out data protection management and an overview of the current data protection requirements, which, however, are constantly changing. So how do you manage your data protection measures? We at Priverion make it easy for you with our data protection platform. Instead of concentrating only on ad-hoc and high-risk areas as a data protection officer, our SaaS solution (Software-as-a-Service) gives you an efficient way to manage all data protection measures with a smart data protection management system and more with the cloud-based data protection platform.
On our data protection platform, we offer you our powerful core modules with everything you need to get started with data protection management and the expansion of the data protection platform with the performance modules for comprehensive data protection.


A data protection platform gives you a quick overview of your data protection, your data protection measures and thus ensures functioning data protection management. In this way, you always know where you are currently and where there may be potential risks of data protection incidents in which you have to intervene. With the data protection platform you get an effective solution that makes your work much easier and enables you to create long-term and sustainable legal security for the company. The data protection platform supports you in all areas of data protection and ensures comprehensive management, testing and legally compliant documentation of TOMs, processing activities and data processing agreements.
The data protection platform gives you access to all standard data processors and ROPAs, templates and sample procedures that are important for data protection management. Even if most consents and legal bases are very similar today, there are still differences in various places. Elements such as ROPA (Record of Processing Activities) or TOM (Technical and Organizational Measures) offer the option of standardizing documentation in many areas of data protection management, but every company has its own requirements. For this reason, we have provided you with a large selection of laws on our data protection platform, so that you can always decide based – on your own needs – and individualize data protection management.
In addition, we adapt all libraries, templates and documents on the data protection platform to the current legislation. So you can be sure that you are always up to date when managing all data protection measures. We offer you the basis for your regular documentation and create an overview of your data protection compliance.


Simplify data protection management. With our data protection platform, we offer you a SaaS solution with the core modules that include everything you need to comply with legal regulations and regular documentation. You receive numerous functionalities, can clearly display and maintain all activities in a directory, manage tasks via easy-to-use user interfaces and thus have an overview of the entire data protection every day.
Regardless of whether you are a medium-sized company or a large corporation, the data protection platform combines a comprehensive view of all complexities with maximum convenience:
• Directory of processing activities (ROPA)
• Management of data processors
• TOM management
• Incident Management
• Risk management (data flow based)
• Reports and data flow visualization
• Requests for information
• Reviews & Audits
• Multi-law function (according to legal person)

The data protection platform provides you with an optionakl extension called the efficiency modules. These give you access to all standard data processors and ROPAs in just a few clicks, access to library elements, you stay informed about changes and can automate recurring tasks in data protection management.
Implement data security with the right data protection measures and prevent personal data from falling into the wrong hands:
• Data Processor Library
• ROPA library
• Policy Library
• TOM library
• Retention & Deletion Library
• Policy tree
• Employee training
• Merger, acquisition and exclusion functions
• Azure Active Directory B2C
• Data protection portal


We have high standards and therefore we ensure maximum security in our application with state-of-the-art web application firewalls as well as organizational measures with comprehensive backups, access and incident management. In addition, we ensure continuous system tests so that you can expect a stable data protection platform that also provides you with regular updates.


Our modern data protection platform is suitable for every business sector and size and is based on years of experience, technical know-how and many practical user tests. We also ensure that we continuously improve our data protection platform for your data protection management. We are your partner that ensures that companies can cope with the steadily growing flood of data protection requirements.

What makes our tool different?
The self-developed data protection platform runs on a modern Kubernetes infrastructure. Together with our external partners integrated via APIs, we can offer you a solution that is unique on the market.
We would be happy to advise you without obligation and show you how you can use our data protection platform for your data protection. We find ways for every challenge in data protection management.