Priverion helps teams demonstrate compliance and redefine risk.

We offer a stand-alone SaaS solution to manage Privacy Compliance & InfoSec. Additionally, we or our global partner network can support you as DPOs, CISOs, etc.


What we offer

A SaaS Platform to manage privacy and IT Security

One platform to Manage, Document and React & Resolve all tasks around Data Protection and IT Security. From GAP Analysis to Evidence collection.

Best Practices that help you get started

Smart and proven processes and methodology support you in maintaining your management systems around Data Protection & Privacy Compliance as well as IT Security.

Answers to question by our Experts

We provide ongoing support based on our experience from 100+ implementations and our global partner network.

Our customers achieve these results

Increased their maturity levels within six months.

Reach the set maturity goals (initial, managed, defined, quantitatively managed, optimized) efficiently. Show and prove your achievements to your partners.

Spend their hours on effective measures without wasting time.

Spent your hours where it matters. Prioritize the tasks by necessity and priority to reach your organizations maturity goals.

Reduced Risks and gained Trust through clear reporting.

Your management system reports all relevant risks, which allows the organization to manage and mitigate risk. Ultimately creating a level of trust and security for your organization and partners.

Become a leading customer of Priverion

The Priverion DPMS

A technology solution built to enable efficient privacy operations

Most DPOs and Privacy Experts do not have enough time in the day.

Medium and big companies handle their privacy and data protection compliance by using documents. Ad-hoc updates are done if the Privacy Officer becomes aware of new circumstances. Many times there is missing information and potential for automatization and higher efficiency.

Priverion, the backbone of efficient privacy operations, is now going a step further by reducing complexity for the Privacy Officer.

It is time to take the burden of repetitive tasks from the Privacy Officer and enable the Privacy Officer to focus on the privacy challenges that really impacting the future of your company.

Our Data Protection Officers, Information Security Officers and Privacy Lawyers are looking forward to talking to you.

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The core pillars of the platform

Core Modules

  • Register of Processing Activities (ROPA)

  • Data Processor Management

  • TOM Management

  • Data Breach Management

  • Risk Management (by Data Flow)

  • Reporting & Data Flow Visualization

  • Data Subject Request Management

  • Reviews & Audits

  • Multi-law feature (by legal entity)

Performance Modules

  • Data Processor Library

  • ROPA Library

  • Policy Library

  • TOM Library

  • Retention and Deletion Library

  • Policy Tree

  • Employee Training

  • Merger, Acquisition & Carveout Functions

  • Azure Active Directory B2C

  • Privacy Portal

Why does privacy compliance matter?

Signal to customers

Over 60% of customers consider privacy as a criteria in evaluating products and services. Privacy compliance has also become an integral part of any buying process in business. May this be a DPA or transfers into 3rd countries.

Signaling to your potential customers that you have control over your privacy operations by using a Privacy Operations Platform such as Priverion is becoming more and more important. Do you know how many deals have been lost due to roadblocks in privacy compliance?

Company valuations

Securing your company’s valuation is important in any if its stages. This may be a startup looking for VC funding or a Fortune 500 with an eye on its stock price. Any incident might impact the stock price, such as data breaches or non-compliance leading to fines, but especially erosion of confidence in the company as a responsible actor in the markets.

Reduces risk

Managing any risk is important. With more and more legal frameworks around compliance, the requirements are increasing and so are the risks of non-compliance, as well as the risk of things falling through the cracks. Using the Priverion Privacy Operations Platform, you can manage the privacy risks of all your big data processing activities.

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GDPR & CO. Mastering Compliance Efficiently: Compliance Management with PRIVERION

You want documentation to be not only possible, but also easier? With our “Efficiency Modules”, you can simplify all processes related to data protection compliance, automate recurring tasks, obtain all standard data processors and DPAs in just a few clicks, and remain continuously informed about any changes to library elements. You can accept as well as reject them independently and keep your own records. Save time, money and nerves with the services of our efficiency modules:

  • Data Processor Library
  • ROPA library
  • Policy library
  • TOM Library
  • Retention & Deletion Library
  • Policy Tree
  • Employee Training
  • Merger, acquisition and carvout capabilities
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Data Protection Portal

Individual Customization in a Secure Standardization

Although data protection laws have been established around the world in recent years and data protection compliance is similar in many respects, there are still different requirements in some places, for example consents or legal basis. Elements such as ROPA (Record of Processing Activities) or TOM (Technical and Organizational Measures) ensure that it is possible to standardize documentation in most areas of data privacy compliance. However, because we know that every organization has its own laws, we have provided you with a selection of applicable laws that you can easily choose based on your needs. This gives you a straightforward overview of all the privacy compliance regulations that really matter to you.

Security Where It Really Matters – In Your Privacy Compliance

Our tool is designed to give you legal certainty in your data protection compliance. That’s why it’s important to us that our application gives you peace of mind. With technically sophisticated solutions such as state-of-the-art web application firewalls and organizational measures such as policies for backups, access and incident management, among others, we ensure a comprehensive protective shield for the platform.

For us, this also includes continuous and comprehensive system tests, so that you can always rely on a stable version of the applications, including regular updates. Of course, you can also perform audits for you as our customers or external partners.


Simply Efficient and on the Safe Side: Data Protection Compliance with PRIVERION

The GDPR ensures a uniform standard when it comes to the processing of personal data. For companies operating across Europe, it will be easier to maintain data protection compliance. At the same time, the regulation has brought numerous obligations and guidelines that must be implemented, complied with and documented. If the supervisory authorities detect a breach of data protection compliance, very high fines are imposed in some cases, and the rate has risen permanently in recent years.

Data protection officers not only bear a great responsibility, but also spend a considerable amount of time on data protection compliance management. They may also lose sight of the essentials as they are focused on critical areas instead of taking proactive action.

Faced with this development, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the potential consequences and are looking for innovative solutions to simplify data protection compliance in day-to-day operations. With Priverion, you have a reliable partner in data protection compliance at your side.

Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation. Together we will find a way to efficiently implement your data protection compliance.