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Data Protection Officers and Law firms must increase their efficiency to compete in the changing landscape. The trend towards tool-based consulting is becoming the driving factor for any expanding experience-driven business. Let us support you!

Increase the value you can offer

As an advisor to your clients you excell in creating value with your expertise and knowledge. In combination with a tool such as the Priverion Privacy Operations Platform, you can even increase your efficiency and focus on the complex tasks.

Our Priverion Privacy Operations Platform is here to help you work more efficiently by offering a self-service to gather the necessary information without the consultant running after information. This way you have all the information necessary to advise your clients and reduce the project management overhead.

Assign tasks and gather information

Keep your project on track. Assign tasks and monitor progress. Easily gather more information from the organization by creating tasks and assigning them to the responsible person in the department. The information will be directly input into the Priverion Privacy Operations Platform, where it can be used to conduct the necessary evaluations.

Show results in the software

Directly work in the software and present the current status in meetings. As a single source of truth for your privacy compliance project, it is the perfect tool to use in workshops.

Focus on the challenging questions

With time saved on routine tasks, you can focus on the more challenging questions such as the details of a DPA negotiation or a transfer impact assessment.

Build intuitive policy trees

The best way to visualize the policies used in privacy compliance is to create a policy tree. This tree serves two functions: Firstly, it quickly informs you on the existing policies and, secondly, it allows you to update existing policies quickly.

“Priverion’s software solution made it easier to create the necessary documentation together with the customer. The connection between ROPA, Business Applications and Data Processors, especially, is much clearer.”

Head of Consulting Services
SIDD Institute for Data Protection and Data Security

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