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Who audited Mailchimp for compliance in 2015? What was done? Do you know?

Keeping Documentation up to date

Do you know what to document?

Documenting your Privacy Notices and Policies is important, but there’s much more to be done. Documenting and keeping an audit-trail of all the reviews is just as important. This way, if there is a change of responsibilities within the company no information is lost.

Guided Reviews

Current Versions

Single Source of Verity

Reduced Onboarding Time

Relationship Between Elements

DPO Change

One of the most costly transitions is the one from DPO to DPO. There is a lot of tacit information and understanding which might be not documented properly if only Excel or Word are used.

Relationships between elements such as data processors, systems and processes might be clear to the incumbent DPO but totally new to the new DPO or compliance officer. With a onboarding time of up to 6 months, it is very important that little information is lost in any transition. The Priverion Privacy Operations Platform is the single source of verity for all our privacy and data protection compliance.

Automated audit-trails and compliance-ready reviews secure your information and make sure that it is ready to support your compliance department.

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