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At Priverion, we are looking for problem solvers and doers. Since the beginning, we have been an agile company. This is our core. Our employees represent this. We learn and adapt each day to make our product better for our customers and partners as well as broaden our personal horizons.

Our team works globally. From Switzerland to North America, from Asia to South America. The diverse background of our employees is one of our most valuable assets.

Want to know the thing that ties all of Priverion’s talent together around the globe? We’re all chasing the world of tomorrow.

Company benefits

What we offer

Flexible worktime

As an engineering-driven company, we started off with many developers. Naturally, they always love to work odd hours (yes, mostly at night 😉). From this culture of flexibility with focus on getting the job done, we never really had strict work hours. Of course, for our employees working directly with our customer, there had to be a little more control, yet our flexible policy allows everyone to set their time between 6am and 8pm. In combination with our part time option, this allows all of our employees to find their best daily routine.

Profit sharing agreements

Our employees directly participate in the overall success of our company. Using a profit sharing model our employees can always see their effect on the bottom line. Using new token-based reward systems, we foster inter-company collaboration and support. Customers can show their appreciation for fast fixes to their problems or outstanding support and employees can show their appreciation for their colleagues help on one of those last-minute, late-night deliverables.

Training and Education

Many of our employees have started off with us as their first job and over time have gained more and more experience. As a company, it is important for us to support everybody’s growth and ambitions by providing the right education, training and ultimately positions to excel in their career and personally.

Making a difference

If an employee has an ambition, we are there to find a way to foster it and use it. From a developer being passionate about Kubernetes and bringing our infrastructure onto a new generation of platform or a customer success managers drive to digitize the customer experience using AI tools, we allow and support our employees in driving new initiatives.

How to apply


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Apply to us by giving us some information about you. This can (but doesn’t have to) be a CV, or anything which you might think could be interesting for us as employer.


Rock your interview

If we have a opening for which we think you might be a fit, we will contact you for a interview. As our HR department mostly consists of us founders, you will have your interview with one of us.

Job openings

Internships & Student Work

Intern/Student work: Content creation



We are looking for a passionate content creator who likes digging into a topic and learning about it and then writing about it in a way anyone can understand it 🙂


Young Professionals

Sales Enthusiast



Looking for a opportunity to start in sales?